My own little world


“We read to know we’re not alone.”
— William Nicholson, Shadowlands

also inspired by Jamie Dedes with a Wednesday prompt on being your true self.

“You’re always off in your own little world…” I was a daydreaming student, always reading when I should have been doing something else, a cloud-watcher, an observer of ants.

Some of my world was small enough to be duplicated under a lilac bush, but it was also as limitless as a small town library. During my elementary years when we moved every year or two, I found many friends in fiction. If absolutely forced to play outside, my brother and I would act out our favorite books and movies. For two summers in middle school, I was a reluctant softball player, standing out in left field, day-dreaming about my favorite book and hoping not to be hit by a pop fly.

Over my life, I have received a great deal of unsolicited advice about “taking my nose out of that book,” “getting out more,” and “opening up.” I’ve also been advised to “get my head out of the clouds,” “keep my feet on the ground,” and “be realistic…” In short, I received many lessons on being anything but me, until I accepted myself.  I used my love of words in minor acting roles in high school and won a state trophy for a speech I wrote. In my university language classes, I often heard “you have a gift for languages.” My career as a freelance translator also revolves around words. When I moved to a new city, the first place I went was the public library, and I have already met a few friends. Today, I’m still learning about my unique gift and how to use it in a positive way.

This is me: a bookworm, happily burrowing into my little world of words.

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