the thing with feathers

Still somewhere

“My hopes the wind done scattered…
But… I’m still here!” – Langston Hughes

Here is not where I had hoped to be, waiting
for hurricane winds to sweep my tattered
dreams with weeping willow branches,
but here is where dreams, as the man said,
like broken-winged birds, settle to shelter
from the storm’s slashing wrath.

Now is when I wish to be walking, living
under a wide desert sky, sun baked,
even dusty, toward open-armed saguaro
standing firm, unmoved by anything
or anyone, wearing a crown of fruit and birds,
but I’m still here watching

as the wind bends the branches and clinging
leaves, safe here for now, dreaming of the desert.


This was written why moving to Arizona was only a hope – now it is reality!

Daily Poets

I once saw a bird,
And shared it with all who heard,

I sang it from streets,
Over a classic beat,

I once saw a bird,
And I shared it with all who heard.

Get it?

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