The ’70s

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For me, the 1970s began a year earlier when I slow-danced to “Cherish” with a boy I had admired since fourth grade. He later gave me my first kiss. Then my family moved to Denver, beginning my most eventful decade. I found the love of my life – foreign languages.  I visited Europe, Central America, Mexico and Canada. I attended concerts by Neil Diamond, Chicago, Jethro Tull, and Willie Nelson. I bought LPs by James Taylor, Carley Simon, and Gordon Lightfoot.  I wore flowered bell-bottom pants and got my first pair of jeans. I used orange juice cans as hair curlers. I had shag carpeting and a shag haircut. Experimenting with my “signature fragrance,” I went from lemon essential oil to Jean Nate’ and finally ended with “Charlie.” My high school graduation took place at Red Rocks Amphitheater on my 18th birthday. After winning trophies for speech and drama in high school, I continued acting in college. I got my first bilingual job when I was 19. The month of my graduation with a B.A. in French, I got married and moved across the country. I spent my 21st birthday at the grand opening of the East Wing of the Smithsonian Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

Now I’ve moved across the country again, beginning a new set of adventures in a place where I can always enjoy temperatures in the 70s if I get up early enough. I’m looking forward, in eight years, to being in my 70s like my coolest friends.

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