Invernal view

via #dvers haibun Monday

Where I live now, the sunrise and sunset color the back yard and the front equally and simultaneously. I wouldn’t know what time it is without a clock. I time my evening walk to watch the sun setting behind the mountains and the moon rise in the opposite direction. The huge orange ball I see from the street corner is invisible behind our high back fence. By the time I see it again above the oleanders, it’s small and bluish-white, the color a January moon should be.

The seasons are indecipherable here; the leaves have just started dropping from the trees in the park, but the days are already longer. Soon we will be floating in the pool again, looking up at a silver crescent.

The autumn moon bobbed
orange on the horizon;
winter bleached it white.


  1. I love Fall. It took me forever to get used to no fall in AZ. Actually I still miss it, but since I don’t miss cold and snow, I can travel to visit autumn.


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