In the Face of Adversity

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Wind Kisses

We can complain because a cactus has thorns, or celebrate because the thorns have flowers.  fullsizeoutput_2c27

It took me months before I learned the words don’t touch in the desert.  I was determined  to find the one plant that didn’t bite back.  I haven’t really given up the pursuit, but I have come to an understanding about how to embrace the desert in the way it is meant to be appreciated.

Admiration does not have to be touched.  fullsizeoutput_2176

Thorns don’t have to stop you, you just have to learn work around them. Gardening is a new challenge, and nothing that can’t be mastered. DSC_0240.JPGThere are blooms in the face of adversity to symbolize life.   A drive through the desert often looks dry, barren and desolate.  To see a flower bloom in a place that seems lifeless is a treat and proof that it is alive. fullsizeoutput_2c23Growth comes to…

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