Vicious (sewing) circle

Via #Tale Weaver challenge

Myra Jean thought Sarabell Simmons was a pain in the neck. The minute Miss Simmons entered the church hall, Myra Jean felt her shoulders pulling up toward her ears as if to hide her face. Her jaw began to stiffen, a sure prediction of a headache. Her eyes fluttered around the room, looking for an escape. Her fingers tightened on the seam-ripper she was holding, her knuckles whitening like her clenched lips. Miss Simmons was no garden-variety busybody. She would just as soon insult you to your face as behind your back. Myra Jean sighed, resigned to being needled mercilessly.


  1. I did like your response to this prompt, you described he physical nature of Myra Jean’s reaction to Miss Simmons so very clearly. Thanks so much for adding to the Tale Weaver and you are most welcome to visit each week.

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  2. I read the “Sister Simmons” story as well as this one. My Mom has a neighbor like her. “Good Christian woman” who is a terrible busy body and gossip. Her husband is a really great guy and I kind of feel sorry for him.

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  3. […] Sarabell Simmons had no inkling that her new next door neighbor was sculptor until she took over a delicious apple pie as a welcome gift. A surly, hairy man opened the door onto a distasteful mess of tools, tarps, dust and clutter, brusquely dismissing her friendly overture.  Only later would she see the true dimensions of his depravity, when he installed a nude sculpture near the fence facing her parlor window. […]


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