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“Don’t stifle their creativity” Mattie’s mother often said, especially when her father grumbled about finding a mess. As long as she and Pete did all their chores and cleaned up after their experiments or performances, they were free to indulge their imaginations. Until she started school, Mattie thought all children acted out their favorite books, complete with homemade costumes. Then she found out that her schoolmates had nothing but a Bible and an almanac at home. The few people who had the money to go to the theater in town would tell the others the stories, so Mattie and her school friends acted out the latest cowboy movies or adventures like Tarzan or Ben Hur. Pete had even showed Mattie how to build fantastic Lost World monsters using clay from the creek bank.

These days, Pete was traveling with the Floating Theater, and Mattie’s friends were too busy “being young ladies” to play. A long, boring summer loomed ahead. Mattie’s mother was threatening to teach her sewing and embroidery, and now she was expected to make the biscuits for breakfast. Whenever possible, Mattie would escape to the woods with a book, except on days like today, when her father let her go with him on the fishing boat. Out in the sun, cooled by the breeze off the Bay, time passed quickly. Even when the fish weren’t biting, she was never bored, watching the swooping gulls, listening to the low hum of the men’s voices, and learning the depth of the water by its color. “Whatcha gonna buy with your share of the catch?” her daddy asked as they headed back to the house.

All this and money too? Mattie thought for a moment. “I’m going to save up and get me a harmonica.”


  1. My girls were never themselves growing up, pretending to be characters from movies or books all the time. One day one of the neighborhood kids came up to me and told me my daughter was a liar; she said we have a horse in our backyard. I told him we do; would you like to go see it? The look he gave me at my response was priceless.

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