Redundant and repetitive

According to a commercial on television, applying for insurance is “both simple and easy…” Although I’m aware of the differences between the two words, I find their juxtaposition annoying. Their dictionary definitions show them as synonyms. Something simple is “is not complicated, and is therefore easy to understand…” To simplify is to make something “less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier…” Of course, it would be simple for me to just mute the volume on the annoying ad, but it isn’t that easy to get out of my chair to find the remote control. That’s why I prefer commercial-free television.

Back when I had an excuse to watch children’s shows on television, one of my favorite cartoon characters was the villain Lady Redundant Woman on the PBS series “Word Girl.” This is the tale of a superhero in elementary school (5th grade) who makes the world safe from errors in grammar and spelling. Lady Redundant Woman is a former copy shop employee who accidentally merged with a copier and now speaks like a thesaurus. She also has the power to replicate herself, creating a copious army of superogatory lookalikes spreading superfluous verbose villains until her cartridges run out of ink.

And that is a possible argument against blogging. Thanks to my computer, I never run out of ink or synonyms. The only thing to stop me from rambling on is the plaintive look in my dog’s eyes when she wants to take a walk.

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  1. It’s been years since I really watched TV, but I do remember those words in the ad. It didn’t occur to me back then that it was redundant to say “simple and easy.” I hope I’d have picked up on it if I’d heard it the first time as I am now, an editor!

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