Miss Pins-N-Needles

Mattie sat on the front porch, reading Pete’s letter for the umpteenth time. “I felt like a real rube when I first arrived at the Floating Theater. I almost lost my courage when I saw the size of the vessel and all the people in their elegant clothing. To make matters worse, the actors were rehearsing the play ‘Yokel Boy,’ and that instantly became my nickname. I started getting comfortable after a while, but every new port was like a new world full of ‘wonderful creatures’. You should hear the strange way they talk in Maryland and Delaware…”
“…You would like the costume-mistress. She’s a fine lady and a big reader. Her name is Penny Nichols, and it’s not pseudonym. She says her parents considered themselves ‘very sharp-witted’. Miss Nichols teaches all of the children living aboard. She knows every librarian on our route and makes sure I always have something to read. I think she’s about your age, Mama. She grew up over in Danville, but she worked as a seamstress in Baltimore for a while. Everybody calls her Miss Needles or Miss Pins-n-Needles. She’s helping me with elocution. But don’t worry, I’ll only use it when I’m working!”

Via #DailyPost

Inspired by the James Adams Floating Theater


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