My river, recently left, rippled,
ripples still, reflecting a
rift, bereft, reduced
to remembrance
regarded from afar,
flowing forward
to a future without me.

Or have I left
encrusted residue of two
decades of life? My words
may linger in its mouth,
dropping through silt,
swaying in brackish tides
until some assay in the future.


I wrote the first half of this poem when I left the Rappahannock watershed for Arizona, thinking I had left no trace of myself there. The second half, written today in response to the Daily Post prompt, was inspired by a photo essay on microplastics in the Chesapeake Bay.  See the photos here.

And if you’re wondering what to do with all your plastics, see this article.


Here's looking at you
Hughlett Point Reserve, Kilmarnock VA



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