Spring storm

The fallen tree rips
the spring lawn’s fabric, its buds
unaware of doom.

In the Virginia woods, it’s typical to see a fallen tree still growing, the stretched-out trunk now the base for new trees rising perpendicular to it, continuing the skyward climb. If a tree fell in our yard, we would either prop it up or turn it into lawn art.

Via #dailypost and #dverse

lawn art



  1. I love the tenacity of those trees. When I lived in PA, I saw a tree riven by lightning…an awe inspiring phenom. I returned years later and a new tree had sprung from the trunk. Nicely told. The haiku–just perfect.

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  2. How nice that you started this with a wonderful haiku. A few years ago, a hurricane ripped through here. It grabbed hold of my Japanese plum and uprooted it, laying it on its side. Now these years later there are about 50 trees growing in 3 ft. Saplings. I like your picture very much! I also like your theme of a tree putting out buds from its trunk.

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