Permission to write

“The heart is God’s poem.”
Chhodo kal ki Baatein (A day can change everything)

Highwaymen’s hazards,
coffee and strawberry rain,
dreams of a broken-winged bird,
locked in with Pandora’s hope.

Words break the lock, fly
out in a frenzy,
with such exhilaration,
I know why I was afraid.


For me, the question is “why don’t I write?” I allowed long, unhappy decades to pass with poetry locked in a strongbox, telling myself that writing was too painful or that I was too busy. Too busy earning a living to actually live, too busy breaking the wings of my own dreams.
When I give myself permission to write, I find the thrill of risk in a storm of abundance.


First poem I remember hearing: The Highwayman
Favorite song: Ojalá que llueve café en el campo (May coffee rain in the countryside) by Juan Luis Guerra
Favorite poem: “Dreams”, by Langston Hughes

Via#dVerseHaibunMonday and #TankaTuesday (exhilaration and frenzy)

What was hidden



  1. Denise! This was a heartfelt piece of poetry. I loved your commentary and the secrets you shared. Haven’t we all fallen into that same trap? Be liberated my friend. Write that poetry. ❤


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