Carrot Cake Treasure Hunt – Carrots

Myra Jean and Bitty left Daphne Brown’s house with their arms full of bread; there were two loaves for the Holdens, one for Sarah Jackson, and a loaf and some dinner rolls for the boarding house.  Bitty handed Daphne a bag of pecans from Mr. Winters before they drove off, leaving her to continue her baking. “I’ll bring you a big fish on Sunday when Big Pete comes home,” said Daphne.

The Holden farm was inland, like that of Mr. Winters, but quite a bit smaller. The white clapboard house was flanked by a large garden and several beehives under some kind of fruit trees. This time they were greeted by a short-haired black and white dog, its frantic tail-wagging accompanied by panting. Bitty pulled a rib bone from a paper bag on the floor and handed it over ceremoniously. The dog retreated under the front porch, and the two women walked around to the back door. Before Bitty could knock, the door was opened by a man on crutches. The right leg of his khaki pants was folded up knee-high, and he balanced on his remaining leg as he shook hands with them. “I’m Glenn Holden,” he said to Myra Jean. “Come on in. That’s my wife Ginny over there.” A strawberry blonde at the stove waved one hand, the other holding a ladle. He seated Myra Jean at the table, and the other three began serving lunch as smoothly as a well-oiled machine, all talking at once. Bitty sliced one of Daphne’s loaves of bread, Glenn served lemonade, and Ginny handed out large bowls of chicken soup full of vegetables.

“Try this butter, Myra Jean,” said Ginny. “It’s from Sarah Jackson. And here are some of her peach preserves.” As the others chatted, Myra Jean realized she had seen both of the Holdens singing in the choir, but she hadn’t noticed Glenn’s crutches. He must have served in the Great War.

“Your daughters are in my Sunday School class, aren’t they?” asked Myra Jean when she could get a word in. The twin girls had their mother’s hair color and their father’s vivid blue eyes. Time passed quickly in conversation, and before she knew it, Myra Jean had finished her second serving of soup and Ginny was clearing the table. Soon they were back in the car with a bag of carrots, a jar of honey, and a casserole full of soup for Sarah Jackson. They had one more stop before she and Bitty would finally start making the carrot cake.


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