Daphne’s job

“Myra Jean, you remember Daphne and her children from church,” Bitty said, as she helped serve tea and sticky buns in Daphne’s kitchen. Myra Jean had seen Maggie in the other Sunday school class, and she remembered Pete Jr. singing in a quartet at Christmas, before he left to work on the Floating Theater. She looked around the kitchen. They had come through a hallway from the front, passing a formal living room with a piano. The kitchen appeared to be the real living space, with books piled on a desk near the back door. Following her glance, Bitty said, “Daphne, I can return your books to the lending library tomorrow.”

“I could take them when I go,” offered Myra Jean. “I’ll be talking to the librarian about a column for the Sentinel.” Between sips of tea and bites of the pecan-topped buns, Myra Jean explained to Daphne about her job at the weekly newspaper.

Finally sitting down, Daphne sighed and drank some tea. “This is my job,” she said, indicating the loaves of bread. “I’ve always loved baking. The milkman takes my bread and eggs to the Town Market every morning. Then the mail carrier takes more bread to the Main Street restaurant for the evening meal. Oh!” She jumped up. “Look what Petey sent us!” Her girlish laugh betrayed her excitement as she reached behind the kitchen door and brought out two freshly-ironed dresses. “Maggie found the package, so I let her try hers. It fit perfectly.” As she showed them the fine stitching and details, Daphne explained that they were a gift from the Floating Theater’s wardrobe mistress. “Just in time for Easter!” she smiled.

Via #DailyPost and #SoCS, and part of the Carrot Cake Treasure Hunt


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