Behind the curtain

Birds trill, extolling
the organ pipe cactus blooms
tuning up backstage.

My dog, seeing me wearing shorts and walking shoes, thinks it’s time for our morning constitutional. Her anticipation is contagious, and everything outside seems to be waiting for an audience. However, today’s cooler temperatures mean there’s no need to rush to avoid the heat. I think I should be able to finish a cup of coffee, a haiku or maybe even a tanka.

Cats lurk behind the bushes
ready to surprise the dog.

Today we take a different route, attracted by a tree with bright purple flowers. As a bonus, we pass a saguaro full of blossoms, bees and birds. Even better, we seem to have missed the cats or found a feline-free zone. Our own cat is waiting at home, watching grackles through the window.



  1. Denise, this is a fabulous Haibun/Tanka and I really love how the prose split the poem. This is so creative and really tells an excellent story. Your photos are fabulous. I love the spring dessert and all the blooms! Fabulous! ❤

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