Jeb’s Jar

Jeb was saving college money in a jar like the one where Ma kept buttons. Those buttons, crocheted, metal, and mother-of-pearl, gave Jeb an idea, and he ran to talk it over with Miz Daphne. When he burst through the kitchen door, Daphne raised her flour-covered hands. “Why Jeb, what on earth?”

“Buttons,” Jeb wheezed. “We can haul oyster shells over to Milton Delaware by boat and sell them to the factory. Or I could borrow Mr. Winter’s truck and take them over to Buchanan.”

Matching Jeb’s smile, Daphne nodded. “Get a pencil and paper and let’s start figuring.”



Via #carrotranch

Note: unknown to Jeb, many button factories imported shells from as far away as Australia. Would he be able to talk them into using a local product?


  1. Jeb’s got an idea and Daphne’s going to draft a plan! I never thought about the source of shell buttons, beyond the material. I enjoyed how you brought these buttons to life. Now o see what Jeb does next!

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