This is my third monsoon season in Arizona, and the forecasts never seem to prepare me for the amazement of sudden buckets of water pouring onto the dry land. The minute I hear the sound of rain, I rush for my phone or camera, hoping to capture the experience.

Monsoon excitement
never gets old; on these days
of four o’clock storms,
mesmerized, I must preserve
and share all these sights and sounds.

Via #RonovanWrites and #TankaTuesday


  1. I lived in Prescott Valley for a few years. We used to laugh when the rain came – it was almost nothing! Of course, those years might have been drier than normal. Good job incorporating your real life into your poetry. Love it! ❤


  2. We are never there for the Monsoons, but have experienced a few flash floods that turned our tennis and pickle ball courts into swimming pools within five minutes! The clean-up is a lot easier than the destruction of the monsoons it seems.


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