1973 culture shock

Back in Denver, my goateed history instructor wore burgundy leather pants and a purple lace shirt at least once a week. My English teacher, in thigh-high boots and a miniskirt, taught us to write poetry by lying on a carpeted floor with the lights out, listening to music.

That summer, I attended Thomas Jefferson High School in Sonsonate El Salvador. We sat quietly at desks, watching teachers in ties write on the blackboard. The Popular guys had their uniform pants tailored with a slight bell, and when they were required to get haircuts, they staged a protest.


Cool schoolboys rebel
when ordered to change their hair,
bringing it in bags.

Via #RonovanWrites


  1. I googled to see if I could better understand the meaning of your haiku. If this is based on truth, did the boys cut their own hair and bring it in bags?

    It is so interesting to look back on the styles of the past and what seemed important at the time.


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