The smell of horses

While studying for my “aromapoetry” presentation, I remembered how much I love the smell of horse breath! It’s a sign of affection!  Just seeing photos of horses reminds me of happy days as a “Barn Mom,” watching my daughter ride.

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_hippologic_orenThere is something special about horses. There is not an animal in the world that smells as good as a horse! I think the best spot to smell a horses’ scent is right behind their ears. Unless you have that special grey that uses his pile of poop as a cushion while he sleeps.

That spot behind the ears is really, really soft and it feels almost like fur, did you know that? I discovered that every horse has an individual smell, but they all smell good. If you haven’t been around horses for a while and you enter a barn you know what the aroma of horses, horse sweat, manure and hay is and how that smell wakes up your memory.  To me the odour of a horse is like a perfume. I wouldn’t wear it, but I it is sure one of my favourite smells. Photo by Fred Fokkelman

Two other scents I really love and associate…

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