Barcelona Metro

My dignity’s lost
in Barcelona Metro
but I kept my sweat.

It sounded so much better in Spanish – he perdido mi dignidad, pero me dejaron el sudor. There are lots of stairs in the Barcelona Metro. I’d say I walked up and down between 640 and 6400 steps. Since I have one knee that doesn’t support my weight, I put both feet on each step. So I guess that means I walked 12800 Metro steps on my 64th birthday. One of the women I met today was a bit older than me and wearing high heels. She said she still has some of her stilettos at home but doesn’t use them on the metro. Good advice.
By the way, in addition to the metro stairs, there were also the ones to and from Park Guell. Not even Google knows how many steps there are, but I’d guess about 64,000. Since it was hot and sunny, let’s double that to 128,000.
Speaking of advice, people in Barcelona are really friendly and love to give advice. I caught the bug and started giving directions to lost people. In one case, I was sorry because later I heard the man of the couple berating the woman. It was in a language I don’t know, but I understood when he said, “Even the Americans know how to get there!”


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