Where money comes from

MONEY is rarely won and never dropped
by MONKEYS from trees, a common
but WONKY belief (think and grow rich)
only a MONK can afford to support,
but WORK is the only sure way to wealth.

and it goes both ways:

WORK like a canine and spend
like a MONK” is never a popular thought,
but WONKS will always bring in the bucks,
while MONKEYS usually toss through the bars
MONEY, rotten fruit, and other nasty stuff.


Today I got annoyed about a particular expression of the abundance philosophy, although I usually support positive thinking. I kept wanting to say, “Don’t you know money comes from work?” I set out to prove it with a “word morph,” but I had to cheat a little. Then I tried an online game using “cash” and I got work, cork, cark, cask, cash.

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