Dressing up

It starts with candy,
other people dressing up,
Halloween heralds
of holiday excesses
and, of course, New Year regrets.

I’m a bit lukewarm on the idea of dressing up for Halloween or any other event, although I admire people who do. This year, as I saw families toiling in their yards inflating dragons, I began to look forward to this year’s Trick-or-treaters. Our first year in, I dressed as Mrs. Meers in Thoroughly Modern Millie, just to answer the door. I don’t think I attempted a costume last year, and haven’t had any good ideas for this Halloween.
Then, I was reminded of my elegant friend Ellen’s fashion advice for going to the theater: “They dressed up for you!”
Even the medical clinic I go to was decorated for the holiday.
Dressing up? I guess it’s the least I can do.

A-Ibañez Gallery

Inspired by today’s challenge on dVerse


  1. Interesting take on halloween! We are now in a highrise condominium in Boston and there are at most 5 families who sign up to trick-or-treat in our building (you have to live here to trick or treat here) — so I miss all the little ones traipsing about our neighborhood from our Iowa days. Mrs. Meers, eh? Clever!


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