Recipe for success

Put big rocks in jar,
add pebbles, pour in water,
simmer twenty years.

As I prepare to move back to Virginia, after swearing to die in Arizona, I’m organizing boxes and revisiting my purpose and priorities. I found my Goal Planning notebook from a 2000 seminar and decided to compare it to my current goals.

I am physically fit – I still remember when the instructor saw my goal of walking the dog three times a week. He said, “That’s really sad.” I have to confess that I really neglected this goal until last year when I started walking the dog twice a day and made fitness my top priority. Lesson learned: Don’t put off until 63 what you could have done much more easily at 44.

I am a conduit for the word to the world (This is the Big Mission, which also covers “I am known as a writer” and “My career is writing.”) – I’m still working on this one and still consider it my Big Mission. For my long-range goal under this category, I had written this: “My professional/paid position is congruent with my personal creative goal.” As a freelance translator, I am a conduit for mots, palabras, parole and palavras into English. Although I’m not the internationally-renowned author I hoped to be back in 2000, I’m happy with my writing.

Earlier this year, having forgotten all about that notebook, I rewrote my mission and goals. Nineteen years later, they were pretty much the same, but I had added one after becoming involved in Alexander Inchbald’s Purpose Program: “Expand my circle of influence.” I started my blog in 2017 and today it has 303 subscribers. I have been trying to post more consistently to meet my writing goal and my influence goal at the same time.

When you look back over time, do you still have some of your original goals? Are there any you’ve rejected? Any you regret leaving undone? Please comment below.

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