Aloe dichotoma – Quiver Tree

This is a close second for my favorite Arizona plant! Here are some photos I took of one in Carefree.

Horticulture in the Desert

pict0057pict00611Native to Western parts of South Africa and Namibia which are dry desert and semi-desert areas, the Aloe dichotoma is a unique tree aloe. The species name dichotoma means ‘divided in two’ referring to the branching structure where, after flowering, the branch then divides in two and continues growing.

The common name “Quiver Tree” comes from the native bushmen people using the branches to make Quivers. The interior of the branch is pulpy and easily hollowed out to make a nice tube for carrying arrows once a leather strap was attached.


These pictures were taken in early January at the Desert Botanical Garden. They bloom in winter and love hot summers. In their native Africa they bloom in June, July or August which is their winter. They also tend to be sparsely watered by rain in winter when actively growing. Because of this be careful not to water much in…

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