Top shelf friendships

… a fascinating storybook
on a shelf too high to reach.

In the library

we meet potential new friends;

we check some out,

exploring all their pages,

only renewing a few.

Thinking of the people she had met, the stories she had heard, and those she would tell, Myra Jean imagined them as a vast library, full of book after book just waiting to be written and read.

My closest friends in Arizona are connected with events I’ve attended at Tempe Public Library. I haven’t had a chance to meet everyone who seems interesting, and some friendships never really began. Others will last a lifetime.

For this dVerse challenge, I used last lines from my own writing. I began with a poem and ended with a nearly-finished novel called “Sweet Tea and Vinegar Pie.”


  1. Fascinating to consider the people we meet as books in a library. I’ve met a few of those on the shelf too high to reach! I enjoyed this tremendously.

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