Slugabeds and early birds

Birds chirp at sunrise,
joined by some early risers
who tweet morning news.

The old-fashioned term “slugabed” for a late riser makes me think of an actual slug wrapped in a comforter. I prefer the Spanish expression, “Se te pegan las sábanas.” (The sheets cling to you.) I imagine a duvet with abandonment issues clutching desperately at the dreamer.

This morning, I found an article headed ¿Se te pegan las sábanas por las mañanas? Esto es lo que debes hacer. (Trouble getting out of bed? Here’s what to do) It contained two tips I had never heard. One was to use a vibrating clock instead of the phone. A loud alarm causes a burst of adrenaline, eliminating the feeling of being rested. The other was to drink some water as soon as you hear the alarm. This hydrates the body and jump-starts the metabolism.
Next time I need to get up early, I’ll put a water bottle by my bed and bring in the cat.

In the charm of dreams,
what’s the harm of sleeping late?
The dawn breaks unseen.

Inspired by Ronovan Writes.


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