Where I’m from – Mineral

(not animal or vegetable) I am from:

Corrugated quonset huts
car lifts and oil caddies
shrieking electric lug wrenches
mica, quartz and iron-red rocks
cold pump handle, tin dipper full
of teeth-freezing mineral water
meat grinder filling casings
biscuit cutter doubling for donuts
tractors, hoes, silos, water towers
slides and swing sets, tether-ball poles
nickels for Big Hunks / dimes for Dilly Bars
steam iron hissing on the ironing board
tackle box, hook and sinker
and at the Linotype, liquefied lead,
free of dross, ready to be formed into type.


When I showed this poem to my writing group, they thought I had a cold, hard childhood. I don’t see it that way. I just happen to like metal and minerals, so I chose them for this list. (Squishy and fluffy poems coming soon.)

My dad had served in the Navy and worked as an auto mechanic while he was in college. We lived in student housing called “Vet Village.” His interests included geology and fishing.

My mom was from a family of printers and made the switch from the Linotype to “cold type” when the technology changed. I think she also gave up the ironing board when “permanent press” clothing was invented. I know I did!

Have you ever written a “Where I’m From” poem? Please share the link in the comments.


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