Peak experience

I’m happy to say that I’m much stronger after making fitness a priority. Unlike my mom, though, I don’t climb up on the table to change a light bulb.


Dragging this body
o’er hill and dale is an art,
with no pride, no fall.
My progress, painful to see,
makes triumph all the sweeter.

I like to think I’m too young for arthritis, so I’m always the first to suggest a mountain “hike.” I’ve taken enough Tai Chi to know how to keep my balance, but my family suffers, hovering to rescue me if needed. Climbing uphill is relatively easy, with the added impetus of imagining the view ahead. Coming back down, slowly, crablike, avoiding a fall, I look around at details I may have missed on the way up. I’d like to spare my family their concern and let them see through my eyes. That’s why I carry a camera.

Via #dVerse, #tankaTuesday, #weeklyHaiku

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