Fireflies in the magnolia

Bitty Johnson and the Bird sisters were in the bridegroom’s yard putting away chairs after the reception. The sun set and fireflies began rising from the grass to meet the stars at the top of the big magnolia.
When Bitty stopped to wipe her eyes, Jessie said, “Why, bless your heart! Are you still crying?”
“No, I think it’s the citronella.”
“Of course,” Jenny said. “Such a beautiful wedding.”
“It takes you back, doesn’t it?” Jessie carried another chair to the porch.
“To my wedding day? Yes, and so many others,” Bitty said.
“We always thought at least one of us would marry.” Jenny sighed and sat down. “Flowers, beautiful dresses …”
“… romantic dreams and youth…” said Jessie.
Jenny went on, “when it is over, said and done, it was a time…
“and there was never enough of it,” Jessie added.


Inspired by dVerse Prosery and my novel in progress, Sweet Tea and Vinegar Pie.


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