-ness Monsters

Sunniness wakes me,
penetrating consciousness
with joyness of birds.

As a translator and editor, I sometimes run across words that sound made up but are actually used, mainly in academic circles. Today’s were “betweenness” and “enoughness.”

I was curious about what other words ended in “ness,” and my curiousness (a.k.a. curiosity) led me to a search. There are apparently 9252 of those monsters.

First, I saw a list of 14-letter words that included “benevolentness,” which, in the old days, was called benevolence. There was also “intolerantness,” formerly known as intolerance.

There are even 6-letter words, such as “itness,” “meness,” and even “upness,” which is the ability to sustain the energy you have when you first wake up.

What is your favorite form of nessness?

Illustration of betweenness centrality by Claudio Rocchini


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