The Geology of Worry

I’m reblogging this today because I read an interesting article about the positive side of anxiety.


An intrusion is a geological body composed of igneous rock
and formed in the process of injection and solidification
of magmatic melt in the earth’s crust.

The perfect pillow meets a drowsy head
stuffed and fluffed with positive thoughts,
lovely images, affirmations and prayer,
devoutly cushioned from any concern,
ready to be lulled into further oblivion.

At one a.m. the Devil’s Tower looms,
the Chiricahua hoodoos protrude
like whac-a-moles, ardently repressed
pressures squeezing the mind’s magma
through all the walls I built by day.


Inspired by One Daily Prompt and a love for geology. The rock in the photo may not be intrusive, but I like the way it looks.

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