Mindful eating

Today, after listening to a talk by Dr. Pedram Shojai on Commune, I tried mindful eating. This is quite a challenge, since I haven’t even mastered mindful cooking. (See Denise’s Culinary Law: “Whatever can be burned will be burned.”)
But I watched the food as it cooked, served it on a nice plate, sat at the table, and thought about the cornfields, the sun and the rain that contributed most of my meal, directly or indirectly. Then, as my body ate, my mind began writing. This doesn’t happen often enough for me to take it for granted. I had a dilemma. Should I direct the conversation back to the food and the moment, or should I let the composing continue?
I compromised. I left half of my serving on my plate and came to my computer. I didn’t walk away hungry though. Just before cooking lunch, I had finished the half of my breakfast I had left when the same thing happened this morning.


The cover photo shows Delia Ibañez rehearsing in the cornfield for Yvonne Montoya’s performance project, “Stories from Home – Covid 19 Addendum.”

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