Eat and Git Gas

If it looks like a cabin in the woods
with gas pumps and kerosene
refills in the back, where night owls
and early risers drive pickup trucks
with hunting spots and dress in camouflage,
you can trust you’re in the right place
for pink deviled eggs, cotton blouses
covered with blossoms, lottery tickets,
sweet tea, weak coffee, breakfast biscuits,
fried chicken, chewing tobacco, rolling papers,
cigarettes, beef jerky, and big bottles of beer.
If plastic-wrapped wigs, falls, and hairpieces
hang behind the cashier’s counter
for pesky hair emergencies
just before showtime, and if you take
that big stick with the dangling key,
behind that creaking door you’ll find
full facilities freshly cleaned
just before the dawning
of the age of Aquarius.

Inspired by the Paint Chip prompts deviled eggs, cotton, Aquarius, blossom, showtime, night owl and trust.


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