Breakfast with a cat

Wrapped in dreams’ warm glow,
closed eyelids screening golden light,
I picture a Barcelona breakfast, fragrant
café con leche, a succulent croissant
with that butter, somehow better
than what I have at home. — Virginia,
I realize now, that’s where I am,
still basking in heavenly warmth,
thinking of waffles. I open my eyes
to a chilly winter day, and at my feet,
a cat like a rattlesnake, preparing to strike.


A morning meditation inspired by a Paint Chip Prompt and photo by Linda Kruschke.


  1. Laughed at your title (my cat spent 30 minutes yowling in the kitchen to get her breakfast; I was in the bedroom, pillows pulled close to drown her out – ‘cat like a rattlesnake indeed’). Terrific transporting meditation.

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