Southern Snow

As rain erases the expected snow, the shovel and scraper languish by the door.


In honor of my friends in Virginia, Texas and Louisiana: 

Snow is more occasional than seasonal in the southeastern states, surprising us every time. Rarer than a blue moon, expected with excitement mixed with fear, snow is a favorite winter topic, whether it actually arrives or not. If, when, how much, how deep, how high and for how long buzz in school hallways and supermarket aisles for days. We’re still talking about the time it almost snowed last year. Schools close for “might snow,” “looks like snow,” and if all else fails, “high winds.” Any hint of any weather at all brings out shoppers piling carts with staples, pumping gas into pickups, and excitedly comparing predictions, as gleeful and nervous as middle-schoolers before a dance.

Waiting for snow, we manage to sleep until daylight, then rush to windows to check the view, giddy with the possibilities. Slantwise snow busily brushes…

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