Wooden details

They bought the dreamhouse
when Mom got her first job
after a dozen years of ironing,
then they set to sanding floors,
polishing casings, transoms,
and wooden window frames,
the whole place smelling
of wood, paint and polyurethane.

I loved having a front porch
and a back one for puppies,
a clothesline in the yard,
lilac bushes on one side,
my own room with a passage
through the closet, my own
bathroom door, locked,
and the keyhole blocked,
and upstairs, the wide landing,
sloped ceiling of the half-attic;
it was all mine, my house
that I go to in my dreams.


Inspired by #dVerse and accompanied by a Google map photo of my favorite childhood home.

(I forgot this is supposed to be a Haibun, so here’s the haiku:)

Heels on polished floors
echo over the decades
erasing the years


  1. I most especially like the haiku! I can just hear the heels clicking on the floor. Glad you added the haiku, which is necessary for a haibun. But also remember, it’s supposed to be 2 or 3 paragraphs of prose, not a 2 stanza poem. Since this is the end of the prompt….I’ll let it go….but do remember next time there is a haibun prompt it includes prose followed by a haiku.

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