Blackout edge of remembering


It was too much of a good thing,
like sugar in tea,
day after day.
I remember headaches
and afterward,
washed from cars,
someone in Walmart saying
“enough for ya?”
for the umpteenth time
when we dragged ourselves out.
The good thing was windows like peering eyes.
I remember as fondly, now basking
in the desert heat, finally.


Yesterday, a friend told me about blackout poems, so for this dVerse prompt, I chose option 4 and decided to create a blackout of my poem, “Remembering Rain.” Instead of using the words I chose though, I used the ones that were left. This moved my home from the Arizona desert back to the Virginia wetlands. The blackout poem is below. The accompanying photo shows where someone went off the edge of the road, into the field, and back onto the road.


pouring down
feeding the weeds
from impending storms
flooded roads
sticky mud, and yellow tides
of pollen
in the drizzle of gray days
rain dampened
the mosquitos’ ardor and lured
peeper frogs, singing in puddles
and plastering their bellies
as mildew, mossy walls
and rusty everything.


  1. Just wondering: If these two poems are put together would it be the original somehow? or a large percentage of the original? Anyway, I like that you used your own work and it did its magic.


  2. Beautiful! I like the technique and I like the message that one person’s cast-off is another person’s — or the same person, even’s! — treasure. FYI: the link in your poem DOES go to the dVerse prompt page, but I don’t see it linked up to Mr. Linky. If you want more people to read it, please link it up there also 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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