The LogoPedes

This being human is apparently pedestrian,
taken for granted by our ilk, upright bipedal
thinkers with opposable thumbs, flightless,
our constant chatter setting us apart
from those who only sing at dawn and dusk.

Cirripedes, we cling to earth, clamoring
like seagulls, peripatetic, making footprints
and pedestals, unreasoning, instinctively
leaving our mark, thanking the world
with our writing and art.

A logopede or logopedist is a speech therapist, but I always imagine the word to mean a creature who walks and talks, something like the Dufflepuds or Monopods in Narnia. A barnacle is a cirripede, and peripatetic means “wanderer.”
Although not an extended metaphor, this poem was inspired by dVerse and a French medical translation.

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