Nature’s first green is gold…Robert Frost

Mist-spangled saffron glows;
thrashers swoop, chatter and trill
in the land of milk and honey
like a lighthouse beacon in the fog.

Thrashers swoop, chatter and trill;
gilded petals trumpet spring
like a lighthouse beacon in the fog
breaking winter’s gelid spell.

Gilded petals trumpet spring,
languid branches sprawling,
breaking winter’s gelid spell;
closing the seasonal orbit.

Languid branches sprawling,
mist-spangled saffron glows,
closing the seasonal orbit
in the land of milk and honey.

This pantoum was inspired by #dVerse and written with the help of an online pantoum-maker.
Today, I learned that forsythia is said to produce lactose; that is, milk sugar, making it a plant of milk and honey.


  1. (An on-line pantoum maker – what will they think of next? 🙂). What a sweet piece – the images shifting between winter and spring breaking out – like you’ve caught the seasons on the cusp of change – and there’s that wonderful image of forsythia blooming in the chilly morning. Terrific stuff.

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  2. Beautiful spring rendering, Denise. I always love to see forsythia blooming in Spring and it does glow just as you describe. I also appreciate you sharing the link to the pantoum generator. Makes it so easy! Bookmarked and used already 🙂

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