White blossoms

The last bright fuchsia and pink blossoms dropped off the azaleas, and the wild roses next to them changed overnight from white masses to all green. The fluorescent roses that scented our doorway bloomed, over-bloomed, and littered the ground with petals. The Spanish bayonet yucca now dominates the side garden with its edible white flowers. Even the hydrangeas are only showing a bit of white lace.
I walk out in the morning to a different fragrance. Somehow, in the moonlight, all the variegated leaves of our volunteer spiraeas have been covered with blooms, unnoticed until this morning. These gigantic perfume factories sprang up over the years, seeds wafted from the taller versions across the road. Everything matches now; all the green seems dusted with snow.

Moon-white tree blossoms
compete with honeysuckle
to scent the roadside


This haibun was inspired by dVerse.


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