Everything the light touches is our kingdom.
We can choose traffic signals or sunshine.

You can live somewhere close to a movie theater
and iced coffee with lavender honey

or walk outside when the dew is on the grass
and help a large turtle across the road.

At night, you can listen to train whistles and sirens
or cicadas, crickets and peeper frogs.

You can have a pool inside a six-foot fence,
drive straight from the garage to another garage,

or step out to watch the foxes in the field
and have staring contests with rabbits and deer.

Whatever you choose, choose light.


Inspired by dVerse and the Lion King.


  1. Love the eclectic mix of scenarios and the reminder that light can be with us anywhere we choose.

    I don’t think you have linked up on the dVerse page via Mr. Linky so others can read your poem unless I’m mistaken?

    Liked by 1 person

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