Summer solstice evening

The earth that lay dozing all day like a dog on asphalt exhaled a dank canine blast of rising warmth onto my ankles as I slogged down the driveway through the fusty yard, searching for a breeze, a puff, a whisper of moving air from the long-forgotten wind. Just past the cattails languishing in low tide, a hint of expensive soap scent tantalized me into the useless shade of a neighbor’s magnolia, and I stood, heavy-limbed and sniffing, feeling Southern as all get-out.

“Tomorrow’s anothah day,”
scarlet sunset drawls, saunters
and lingers, lounging.

Inspired by dVerse and 84% humidity.


  1. Your “anothah” day reminded me of a sweet Georgia man of long ago who was fond of saying “Florida is just one dayammed beautiful day after anothah”. Thank you recalling him for me!

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