Picnic in paradise

I’m reblogging this in honor of our grandchild Sarah Ibanez, who left this life yesterday.


“It was the Unicorn who summed up what everyone was feeling… ‘I have come home at last! … The reason why we loved the old Narnia is that is sometimes looked a little like this. … Come further up, come further in!’” C. S. Lewis’s depiction of the afterlife in The Last Battle, Chronicles of Narnia.

Where is Abuelita to be found? There
on a blue mountain peak overlooking a valley,
with her long chestnut braid,
sitting bolt upright on a plaid blanket, her Carlitos
with his head on her lap, or playing catch
with the older cousin he never knew,
Abuelo reciting poetry as Humberto
lights the grill for a heavenly barbecue.
Carlos Giraldo never tires as he follows the colt
to greener pastures beside still waters.
Nearby, Ann joins Dennis at the spring,
John and Georgia stroll hand-in-hand,
Susan and Michael play croquet.
Barbara’s feeling peachy; Robert and

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