Seasons change

With ghoulish glee we scan the aisles
for scarlet glints of streaming blood,
count down the hours with wicked smiles,
with chortles await the annual flood.

The clocks strike twelve as shelf by shelf
each Jack-o-Lantern becomes an elf,
the sweetmeats change from orange to green,
and candy canes come on the scene.

From coast to coast the stockers race
in countless numbers, mask on face
as lurking shoppers all exclaim
“It’s Hollow-giving-mas* again!”

Inspired by “Word of the Day” and GoDogGoCafe, and shared on dVerse.

*”hollow” for the annoying (yet apt) mispronunciation of “Hallow,” “giving” for thankless Thanksgiving, and “más” for “more” in Spanish.


  1. Marketing has taken over out cherished holidays and transformed them into a symbol of what’s gone haywire with the world. We need to develop new holidays where loved ones gather simply and enjoy each other’s company.

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