Morning glories

Pink morning glories
entwined with purple festoon
the roadside soy fields


…in a dead pine

If we are created to climb, we climb,
we bloom even on a dead branch
if our nature is to bloom.

For some, the sunrise says “shine!”
open your glory, show your beauty,
even on a cloudy day.

And what of the dead pine?
Its brown branches still strong,
its roots keep it upright

and even in death it bears life,
carrying the morning glory vine
upward toward the light.

Via #DailyPost

I wrote this poem a year ago, and now I notice that the one I wrote yesterday is very similar. I wasn’t able to find a photo of the morning glories on the dead pine, so I used one from the soybean field instead. We think of the wind and the pine as strong, but the seemingly fragile morning glories carry a strong force of resilience.

Below is a photo of the…

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