Big squeeze

Cloud-covered sunshine eases
murkily through the blinds
as I clench my eyes, cuddling
my pillow, vainly trying
to squeeze in one more dream,
but the cat has oozed into the closet
through a two-inch crack
to attack an old, overstuffed
suitcase crammed in a corner,
the noise driving me out
toward the scent of coffee,
my husband’s quick embrace,
and the dog shoving past
trying to lead us to the door.
This is just the first wedge
of the day, long before I wring
the toothpaste tube,
hang my towel, and take on
the mighty challenge
of jamming into my new jeans.

Today’s horror story was inspired by the Word of the Day challenge, which led me to see how many synonyms of “squeeze” I could shoehorn into one post.


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