Autumn Concert

Summer recedes with its torrid daze
as autumn rises in a morning haze,
and mockingbirds shout on their dawn newsbeat.

Persimmons brighten; await a freeze
while geese honk above, flying in “v”s;
an insolent fox takes a slow lash beat.

Cardinals convene in a nearby tree
like old beat poets on a ranting spree,
red heads bobbing in a fall bluebeat.

Sundown gilds both treetops and field,
seasonal splendors slowly revealed;
fading roses try to stay upbeat.

Pines and willows sway to and fro,
in autumn’s annual do-si-do
ending the cycle with a slow downbeat.


Autumn may be my favorite season, as is clear in my many related posts. The dVerse compound word prompt was quite a challenge for me, with my notoriously-poor sense of rhythm. Still, I stepped into the challenge with both left feet and tried to follow the beat.


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