Northern Lights (unseen)

We have no prairies
To slice a big sun at evening
– “Bogland,” Seamus Heaney

Who has complained of life-giving trees?
We have.
Who squints to transform pines to plateaus?
We do, searching for sunsets, harvest moons,
Northern lights, fearing encroaching woods;
no horizon.
It seems these days (I hate those words),
stumbling blind is the best we can do,
a shadowy future just one step away.
We have no horizon.

This adapted ovillejo is a gloomy look from the perspective of a bad attitude. Some days I just miss the desert, especially when some spectacular phenomenon is occurring on the horizon.
But to leave in a lighter mood, have you heard about the Arizonan talking to the Virginian? The desert denizen sighed, “I just feel so claustrophobic with all these trees around!”
The Virginian drawled, “Honey, I know exactly what you mean. When I’m out West, I feel absolutely nekkid!”
The theme was suggested by today’s dVerse prompt, and takes us from concrete to abstract in ten lines.


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