Scritch, scritch, stirring like a mouse
comes the sound of the search
for a working pen from the buffet.
My father’s table holds a second-hand
manger scene, labeled “Made in Italy.”
1990s White House ornaments
languish in a box in the closet
with our daughter’s preschool crafts
and the felt tree I made in third grade,
a month after the death of JFK.
Grandma’s sewing box holds earring backs,
medals and buttons, useful for … something.
A leather knitting bag Dad crafted
for my other grandmother holds half-finished
yarn creations full of potential… someday.
Downstairs, among vintage antiques
and ancient artifacts, decades-old paint
revived with thinner is applied to old canvas,
new paintings still drying.

Nothing is wasted,
nothing ever discarded;
life lived becomes art.

When I read the dVerse prompt today, I had to laugh because I’m surrounded by antique furniture and all the things we’ve collected over 20 years in this house. It’s difficult to choose just one item that’s significant to our family or connected with history. So, I wrote this poe-bun, a haibun (for GoDogGo) using a poem instead of prose. To continue the tradition of recycling and reuse, I also included references to previous blog posts.


  1. I really this style of poetry, I can’t really call it introspective, but it “sums up time,” using the familiar background of the house, or farm etc as a character in its own right, or setting, and much mood and feeling to the poem. In that way I particularly enjoyed this.

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