Professional jealousy

No, not again!
You stare from a rear pew
at the popping eyes and facial festoons
of the next to marry your muse:
poet in a black suit doing the polka
with your erstwhile bride;
her train of inspiration sweeps
along the marble aisles.

These surreal musings inspired by dVerse and GoDogGo were assembled from two other blog posts. I was imagining Paul Éluard as a witness at Salvador Dali’s wedding.


  1. of the next to marry your muse:……what a stunning quadrille…..really …..great line there but of course the whole experience of reading your poem was wonderful. Love it

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  2. Such majestic and wondrous imagery. I was stunned right away and I love how imaginative and expressive this all feels throughout; I also didn’t realize this was a quadrille at first until reading the comments. Such beautiful and innovative work here. I want to say more, but it is currently hard to type with a black cat leaning against my chest and butting his head between my keyboard, hahaha.

    Love this!

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